Avoid stress - we can help you with most things in accounting

    Fyll i dina kontaktuppgifter så kontaktar vi dig inom kort.


    Do you want to avoid spending time on administration to be able to focus fully on your business? We’ll take care of the whole finance function, or parts of it. We work with authorized public accountants and can help you with everything from current accounting to invoicing and payroll management. We also ensure that all reporting of taxes to authorities takes place on time.

    Current accounting

    We take care of all your accounting or help you get organized so that it becomes a smooth part of your company's routines.

    Invoicing service

    Many business owners delay or forget to send out invoices. We can help you handle invoicing so that you can keep your liquidity.

    Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

    We make sure that you pay your invoices on time and that you get paid by your customers. We follow up and send reminders.

    Payroll management

    We help you to pay salaries and make sure that it matches your holiday, benefits and absence payments. We also handle reporting to the Swedish Tax Agency.

    VAT and labour tax declarations

    We make sure that you register and pay VAT, employer contributions and taxes to the Swedish Tax Agency on time during the year.

    Financial statements

    When the year is over, we summarize the company's finances in a financial statement. The financial statements are, among other things, a basis for taxation.

    Annual report

    The annual report is related to the financial statements, but also contains other information that limited companies must submit to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. We help you so everything is correct.


    In connection with the financial statements, we help you declare the company's income to the relevant authorities.

    Economic counselling

    We can also act as your counsel for tax issues, budgeting, planning and other financial questions that affect your company.

    As a small business owner, it can be difficult to keep up with your own accounts. The focus is instead on performing all the work.

    We help you with invoicing, payment checks and reminders, take care of the payments of your supplier invoices and salary payments, take care of the current accounting and ensure that all reports of taxes and fees are made to the authorities on time.

    How much (or little) you want to do yourself is for you decide! As a small business owner, it can be difficult to keep up with a small office.

      Fyll i dina kontaktuppgifter så kontaktar vi dig inom kort.