Start Your Business in Bulgaria

Unlock the potential of European markets by establishing your company in Bulgaria

Start Your Business in Bulgaria?

Start Your Business in Bulgaria.
Unlock the potential of European markets by establishing your company in Bulgaria, an EU member state known for its strategic location, favorable tax regime, and dynamic business environment. Our streamlined service ensures your business is up and running with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency. 
Here’s what we offer:
Rapid Company Formation: Get your Bulgarian company operational within just 2 days after we receive all necessary documents scanned. This swift process is applicable when you notarize the required documents at the Bulgarian council in Stockholm, ensuring a seamless and expedited setup.
Flexible Options Tailored to Your Needs:
1.In-Person Registration: Visit us and have your company and its physical bank account ready within 3-4 days. As a bonus, you might also receive a personal bank account, enhancing your banking experience in Bulgaria.
2.Swedish Notary Service: Opt for document notarization by a Swedish notary with an APOSTILLE stamp. We handle the translation and localization through a licensed translator, taking 2-3 days to complete.
3.Bulgarian Council Notarization: The simplest route, involving document notarization at the Bulgarian council. This method streamlines the process significantly.
Online Banking Options: For clients preferring remote setup, we facilitate opening a company account with online banks like Revolut or PAYSERA. Efforts to provide a physical bank account can also be made, noting potential tax implications and power of attorney requirements.
VAT Registration Flexibility: Initiate VAT registration alongside your company’s start to dive into operations immediately, or opt to register at a future date. VAT registration takes approximately 14 days for tax authority processing.
Price: € 1.999
Embark on your business journey in Bulgaria with us. Our commitment to efficiency, flexibility, and comprehensive support is designed to provide you with a seamless and rewarding business establishment experience. Contact us to start your business adventure in Europe’s dynamic heartland.
Bulgarian Company
€ 1.999
  • In-Person Registration
  • Swedish Notary Service
  • Bulgarian Council Notarization
  • VAT Registration Flexibility